Selected as a star firm in Daegu in




‘Human focus’, ‘Customer impression’, ‘Technological innovation’


Over the past 30 years, ACEINNOTECH has been through many ups and downs.



Amidst multiple crisis, we have learned resiliency, perseverance and tenacity,

all of which have granted us the winning title, “Star Corporation of Daegu” in 2014.


We will continue on our path as the best provider of living environment and space innovation.

We are growing to be a reliable company, at the head of crime prevention and safety via IT system development.


Please keep your interest in our ACEINNOTECH.

We promise that we will deliver the best quality of product and service to you all.





                                                                    ACEINNOTECH Co., Ltd. CEO

2010 ~ Present

Selected as a star firm in Daegu



15.12 Selected Child Birth Friendly Corporation

15.12 Selected SME of human resources development

15.09 Certified Trusted Company WebSeal Approved by DCCI

14.07 Selected as a star firm in Daegu

14.03 Selected as IP-star corporation

13.04 Selected as the best company for work

11.07 Relocated to Sungseo industrial park

11.06  Certified ISO14001


07.12 Established lab affiliated corporation

07.03 Authorization of Venture Business, INNOBIZ

04.01 Certified as a corporation

02.05 Certified ISO9001


95.10 Certified KS mark

87.04 Established company